Jade Academy

A website demonstrating my tutoring expertise. I provide stimulating online and in-person lessons wholly adapting to students learning personality, targeting challenging materials and leading to incredible results. Using engaging visuals, practice questions and real-time interactive exercises, I aim to make lessons something all students look forward to. Problem sheets containing practice questions are set to my students as homework for practice and consolidation.


1ow.org is created to centralise fundraising for my ongoing Charitable Projects, with the theme of engineering change. The projects typically involve improving provisions of education and access to clean water supply in one of the poorest countries in the world. Show your support by donating following the link below.

Geared Partnerships

I joined GEARED in Summer 2020 as an Engineering Consultant. GEARED is a Structural and Civil design consultancy based in the UK and Australia with 30+ years of specialist experience in residential projects. Between June and December 2020, my main responsibility is to assist the engineering design for domestic projects in London. Alongside the technical designs using Tedds, CAD and FEA models, I also helped with R&D work, created a structural design schematic flowchart and designed a modern website.